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Dearsystems - Dear Inventory API Integration

Dear Inventory is an inventory management system from DearSystems that is used by thousands of businesses all over the world. Although it is a great tool, it is not configured to work with most web sites or off the peg CRM systems and this is where my expertise can help.

Dear provide an API tool with the Dear Inventory System to allow developers to access the system and integrate with other systems. By using the Dear Inventory API I can build customer portals, place orders from a website directly into Dear without the need to do this manually and work with your business to tailor bespoke interface solutions.

I am able to provide a cost effective responsive service for businesses that may not have in-house software/technical expertise, or work with existing business specific IT professionals to interface with the Dear Inventory System to meet need.

Below are some examples of projects completed for recent customers.

Dear Inventory API - Excel / Database Interface

Dear has a lot of reports available which may not meet the bespoke needs of a business.

I am able to create databases, mostly SQL, containing all relevant data which can then be manipulated by the customer into a format that meets needs, for example an Excel spreadsheet. For a recent customer, I supported the development of the spreadsheet in addition to the database which could then be used to create bespoke graphs and pivot tables to display sales data, stock availability, and anything else related to data available in the Dear Inventory. I can also create bespoke queries and configure the database to update automatically ensuring that live data is always available and reducing the need for any manual input.

Dear Inventory API - ShipStation Integration

The Dear Inventory can be integrated with many systems using the API, including delivery software systems for example ShipStation. Often information coming back from such packages is inadequate leading to a manual process to complete the transaction.

I have recently worked with a customer to create an interface which automatically populates the actual shipping cost back into the Dear Inventory ensuring an accurate invoice can be sent without the need to manually input this figure.

This can be done with any number of values in ShipStation so if you would like to look at this for your business then please let me know.

Dear Inventory Customer Forecasting

Dear Inventory provides some basic forecasting functionality but this does not work for external customers and therefore cannot support the automatic upload of external data to enable accurate ordering.

I have worked with a business with a global external customer base. I was able to create a tool which enabled these global customers to enter forecasts which then automatically converted these into orders as appropriate. This also allowed the business to create reporting that enabled to visualise forecast variance and tailor manufacture to need.

Dear Inventory Customer Portals

To make the most of Dear Inventory data, without the additional cost of multiple licenses, I am able to create portals that reflect business data that can then be manipulated/drilled down in any way needed. This can be used for both internal and external (customer) users.

In addition, I am able to pull data from your other systems and join them together in a central database that can then be manipulated in multiple ways. I specialise in making these portals as user friendly and visually appealing as possible and therefore they can be useful marketing tool for your business.